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The largest living space on the planet deserves a large voice. So, while there are several great blogs out there about the sea,  here’s another drop to add to the giant bucket, albiet one with a slightly different shape.  This is a blog for those with an inclination to the salty, wet, and ultimately sunny-side-up nature of things.

You’ll find here those stories only fitting a tribute to that wonderful storyteller, Dr. Seuss, and his brilliant Lorax: stories which serve as the voice for the seas for the seas have no tongues.

And in that spirit, I shall dish up hope amidst the doom and gloom that so readily darkens the bright blue of the ocean world.

Stay tuned for musings on the mysteries of the deep, stories of solutions to problems as big as the seas, and the occasional sea-shanty to extol or condemn the latest landlubber actions affecting the oceans.


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