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Failure. It happens whenever you take risks. And you’ve got to take risks to innovate. A theme I heard most powerfully presented by JK Rowling at her Harvard commencement speech a few years ago. Worth watching. It’s repeated now in the light of impact investing. Check it out #SOCAP13 plenaries live stream.Then follow up with Rowling: http://ow.ly/ox4Gb


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Get a jump on how entrepreneurs, investors and yes, some scientists, are helping create a new paradigm for saving fish. http://ow.ly/ouCOX

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Imagine an Amazon.com of sustainable seafood.  It would have an impressive variety of fare, from clams and oysters to crabs, ling cod, and salmon.  It would be available 24 hrs a day, with delivery direct to your door, all with the simple click of the button. And now, consider that with every delivery, and every bite, you could take pride in directly supporting fishers who are supporting the environment.

Welcome to the world of i love blue sea, an online marketplace providing sustainable seafood sourced directly from fishers, vetted for quality, reliability, and responsibility.

It’s a simple idea turned into an effective business by “fishermen, surfers, dreamers, foodies and entrepreneurs,” as they claim on their website.  Based on Fisherman’s Wharf, SF, these guys and gals have opened up a whole new channel for funneling sustainable seafood into the hands and bellies of seafood lovers around the country.  It’s another example of how entrepreneurship can help turn the tide on a drowning seafood industry—an proof that profit and sustainability can go hand in hand, or at least, hook and hand.

I only stumbled across the website recently, on a hunt for numbers on how many oysters Americans consumed a year.  Their site was noted for the variety of oysters they provide, and I was impressed by the diversity of their selections across the board.  I plan to investigate further, wanting to learn more about how they manage to provide free shipping, while giving better prices to fishers and better quality (and conscience) to customers.  But, from the looks of it, i love blue sea is serving as an honest link in a far more simplified chain, connecting consumer with producer, feaster with fisher.

A virtual marketplace for seafood that benefits the sea, the foodies, and the fisher? I think this could be love.

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